Virtual Reality

2016 Fall semester project by Andrew Fladeboe University of Minnesota MFA Room Scale with no controllers or teleporting. Sound by Joe Krasean. Unreal Engine 4.12 Leap Motion HTC Vive Arduino

I am interested in using virtual reality as an art medium to create liminal experiences that question the nature of reality. My virtual worlds are combined with real world environments and physical sculptures  to create a deep level of immersion and blur the line between what is real and what is not.

Science is beginning to point at paradigm shifting theories concerning how the most basic matter operates at a quantum level. We are beginning to understand that matter and reality are much more malleable than we thought. Just as our brain and eyes lie to us everyday (up to 90% of what we see at any given second is guesswork by our brain), a piece of plastic and electronics can trick our bodies and brains into believing an experience is real, or real enough to have intense physical or emotional responses. What the medium has going for it is that it can create these strong emotional responses. VR as an artistic medium is very much about emotion and experience. 

I am interested in using physical representations of the virtual world to create site specific experiences full of physical models/sculptures that provide haptic feedback. By having a physical reference point in addition to the visual feedback of the virtual world, it provides a deeper level of immersion. 

The lion above is an example of photogrammetry techniques I have been working with to achieve a high level of detail in environment and asset design. Visit my SketchFab page to see more models.