Virtual Reality

VR room scale experience for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift Out now on Steam: Trailer Music by Nicholas Andrew Sadler

My first project, Oneirogen, is available for download on Steam for use on the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. Oneirogen is a dreamlike circular journey through the depths of my subconscious. Inspired by the writings of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, this surreal experience was made for room scale VR from the ground up. Flow from one interactive environment to the next as you experience a magical trip through mysterious realms. 

Installation views below show how the work is presented in an exhibition space, alongside photographs and sculptures inspired by the virtual experience. 


What I love about VR is that it can so easily be awe inducing or completely absurd. Awe and absurdity are beyond our understanding of the everyday, they are links between what is possible and that which lies beyond the realm of human imagination. Awe and absurdity can produce a connection to something greater, an enigmatic encounter with the Impossible.

VR provides a medium that allows me to investigate what that indescribable Impossible might be. I’m interested in using the transformative power of alchemy and mythology as a way to trigger a subconscious reaction. I use my intuition to create archetypal objects and encounters in the virtual space that begin to form allegories of a distant transcendent truth. These encounters create a journey for the player, a myth or story the player physically takes part in. It is a way to awaken something inside the player by activating the player’s imagination through physical interaction and emotional reaction. I will use mythology and symbolism to transport them and enchant them, to remind them of a basic rule we have forgotten. That the reality we perceive is not the whole truth.

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